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‘Fall of Constantinople’ book on sale


My book – FALL OF CONSTANTINOPLE – is now on sale.


The book depicts the story of the siege of the famous city of Constantinople in 1453 AD by the Ottoman Turks, and its fall to the Muslims.

With a massive army, Sultan Mehmed II fought an epic contest over land and sea as a small band of Roman defenders held out for two months against the might of the Ottoman war machine, and succeeded in foiling most of his well laid plans. It would take divine inspiration, and some brilliant innovative strategies from the young Sultan, before Constantinople would fall to the Muslims, fulfilling a prophecy.

The book is an attempt to teach Muslims about our own glorious past, and to be inspired, and be proud of Our Golden History. Hence this is the first book of the new “Our Golden History” series.

Here are the links to order the book:

For those living in the Greater Toronto Area, if they wish they can place their order through me and it will cost them only $26 (save on the taxes and shipping). To do that, please email me with your contact info so I can get in touch with you.

The book trailer:


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