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Chapter 18 – Al Kahf (The Cave) – Verses 1 – 3



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Cover_Main2_thumbnail These pictures are an excerpt from the book Teaching Kids The Holy Quran – Surah 18: The Cave.
Click here to purchase the book from Amazon.

Please note: The images have been rescaled and reduced in resolution for the web. The book contains high quality and high resolution images.

Chapter 18 – Al Kahf (The Cave) – Verses 4 – 9

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Cover_Main2_thumbnail These pictures are an excerpt from the book Teaching Kids The Holy Quran – Surah 18: The Cave.
Click here to purchase the book from Amazon.

Please note: The images have been rescaled and reduced in resolution for the web. The book contains high quality and high resolution images.

Surah Kahf Illustrated Quran Book Now for Sale


I wanted to personally give you all the good news that the illustrated book on Surah Kahf (with 146 pages containing over 220 images, built using Lego bricks and other toys, with the full exegesis (tafseer) of the Surah Kahf) is now out for sale.  It’s available primarily on (US, Canada and Asia), just in time for Eid. Here are the links to order the book:

Amazon (for readers in USA, Canada, Asia, Africa)

Amazon (for UK customers)

Amazon (for readers in France)ÅMÅŽÕÑ&url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=mezbauddin+mahtab

Amazon (for customers in Germany)

Currently there is a sale on the book (regular price US$24.99, but discounted on available for early orders. I have ordered previously on, and have been a highly satisfied customer with their prompt shipping and customer service, and can thoroughly recommend them.

Just a bit of note about the price – it’s expensive to print a book of images (as opposed to text), so I have priced it almost at cost. Any proceeds from the book is going towards purchasing a new camera macro lens and light box (for better pictures in the future) and more dawaah work with the next Quran book (on Juz 30), insha Allah, amongst other things.

For those who live in the Greater Toronto Area, I have another offer on the book. They can place their order through me and it will cost them only $25 (no taxes, no shipping). To do that, please email me with your contact info so I can get in touch with you. I will be placing my bulk order for all GTA customers on Oct 13, 2013, insha Allah.

Here are some images from the book:


When Will Work On This Blog Resume?

The last ‘real’ post on this blog depicting verses from the Holy Quran was on August 31, 2012, i.e. more than a year ago. I often get comments and feedback asking to resume posting, or querying about when I plan to restart my work, or why I have stopped. I thought I would make a statement to clarify.

I have not stopped my work, nor have I grown tired of it. Insha Allah (God Willing), my goal is to have the whole of the Holy Quran depicted and illustrated, along with the tafseer (exegesis) and explanation, freely available on this blog for all. However, for that to happen, I need a lot of time, money and resources. Let me share you the work that used to go towards just making one verse.

Step 1. I would have to read and translate the verse, AND read up to three tafseers about the verse to understand exactly the context and explanation of the verse, along with the translation.

Step 2. Plan the scene out. Often I am not just depicting one verse, but a whole section of verses, so the planning is broader.

Step 3. Build and construct the sets.

Step 4. Photograph the setup. Often I will take up to 20 photographs per verse and select the best picture out of them.

Step 5. Post process the photograph for lighting, flare, contrast, brightness etc.

Step 5. Add the verses and watermark, and make the picture ready for the web.

As you can see, these require a lot of my time and resources. Often I have to take a whole day out just for a couple of posts. At some point, I also wanted to produce images of a higher quality. If you see works of other religions and their depictions, they have a very high standard. I wanted Islamic educational materials to be of equally high standards, if not better. For all of that to happen, I need time, resources, and money. Specifically, I needed cash for

  • a new Macro camera lens
  • a lightbox for better lighting, so I spend less time on post-processing
  • more Lego

So, sometime last year, I had to make a decision. I did not want to have a “Donate” button on my blog and have to ask fans and readers to donate ‘fe sabilillah’. I wanted to give them a high quality product, so that they would feel happy with their purchase, and I could use the proceeds towards this ongoing dawah work. And thus I decided to concentrate my time and effort on producing a book, and I chose Surah Kahf as the Surah I will depict. I hope I can manage to sell a sufficient number of copies of my book, so I can raise enough funds to continue this work, and make other books in the future, insha Allah. At this point, the book is finished and I have ordered proofs from the publisher. As soon as I receive the proof copies, if I am happy with how everything looks in the print version, I will approve the book for sale. The publisher then does their own checks, and if insha Allah all is good, then the book will be available for purchase from the publisher as well as from me. Insha Allah the target date for the book launch is October 10, 2013.

After the sales of the book have reached a sufficient level, I will continue the work on this blog, insha Allah, completing Surah Qasas before moving on to other surahs.

I hope this clarifies the issue.



Insha Allah, the Surah Kahf Book

Presenting the cover page of the book on Surah Kahf, containing all new pictures and content, available soon online iA (by the end of this month).

Surah Kahf cover

Cover of the book about Surah Kahf


Please contact me for more information regarding the book, along with applicable discounts etc. available for early orders.

Chapter 28 – Al Qasas (The Story) – Verses 1 – 7

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Chapter 28 – Al Qasas (The Story) – Verses 8 – 13

Continued from verses 1 – 7 …


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